Hi, I'm Sandra LeClair

Sandra's passion and purpose is empowering people with knowledge of their self-worth and taking them to their next level of success and beyond - both personally and professionally.  With the use of proven strategies and methodologies, Sandra’s clients develop skills that benefit all areas of their lives.

Sandra has been a successful business owner, hair artist, and designer for over 25 years.  Her training and experience has helped guide her passion towards healing and treating the inside of the person before the outside. Sandra’s transition to coaching was a natural progression.

Sandra holds three designations in coaching, emotional intelligence, relationships and success.  Her programs are designed with a heart-based approach that lead to a winning combination for the individual, their profession and company culture.  Sandra's life passions have a ripple effect in multiple areas of her life, and she is a big proponent of healthy living, both mentally and physically.

My Passion

My passion is to empower you to make the needed shifts that are required to manifest the life you desire and were designed to live.

When you look at people who have successful and happy lives, do you ever wonder what their methodology is? Well, it is not by accident. They have all created their lives through choices and decisions.  If you don't make decisions, decisions will be made for you by default.  Always decide how you want to start your day and how it will end. Then decide how your week, month and year will go.

The Process

Your mindset or paradigm has directly influenced the choices you have made throughout your life.  The choices you have made, or lack of choices, have brought you to your current state.  Take control and write your own script on how you want your life to play out.  Make sure you are always in the driver’s seat; remember if you are not moving forward you are stalled or moving backwards. Our bodies and minds are in a constant state of change and you are in control!

Growth is often uncomfortable, as our minds want to go back to our old familiar patterns. We have to learn to embrace being uncomfortable and to realize it is a necessary process for growth. Our minds have unlimited potential for growth!

When we want to change our outer world, we must first change our inner world.  True happiness and beauty starts from the inside, and we must remember it is a ripple effect that attracts like-mindedness.

As your coach I will work with you to overcome your roadblocks, challenges and obstacles so we can open your path to self-empowerment and growth. Your personalized Mind Design Map will make the Creation of Manifesting an exciting and rewarding experience.  I look forward to helping you create the life you were designed to live!

Consciously create what you want your life to look like – Sandra LeClair.

Sandy has helped me create a clear action plan to get my songwriting business off the ground. I now have my website up and running and I'm on my way to writing personalized wedding songs for that special day. She also helped me realize my "WHY" for my desire in wanting to pursue a songwriting career. Through her coaching technique I discovered all whole lot more than the formula for a successful business.
Sandy Z